• NATURE - TECHNOLOGY - HEALTH The key to success in tackling some of the most prevalent common diseases is in the use of products based on Nature.
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  • BREATHE THE DIFFERENCE Nasodren®, a natural cyclamen extract, relieves Sinusitis symptoms in a physiological way from the very first application. Its mechanism of action makes Nasodren® unique.
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  • Lazolex®: Natural Wallnut Extract Lazolex® is a new product based on natural wallnut extract indicated to relieve itching, stinging, burning and dry skin in case of dermatitis, specially when inflammation of the skin is due to pathogens.
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How it all started

The interest in finding new formulas for biotechnological research and discovering new products moved a select group of experts to come together in the 90s.

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  • R&D

Hartington Group

about hartington pharma

Our principal motivation is to cover human needs, developing new products to treat highly prevalent diseases that are unsatisfactorily treated by existing medicines, and which have an enormous socio-sanitary impact.

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Principal Goals

Our principal goal is to become a laboratory of reference in research and the technological optimization of nature: Development and marketing of medicines and pharmaceutical products based on the application of technology to substances of natural origin.

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In the future, we hope to be recognized by the population as world leader in products and medicines in our areas of expertise, becoming a reference in phytopharmaceuticals, supported by scientific and technological rigor and without the complications generated by products from chemical synthesis.

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Our aim is to investigate, develop and generate pharmaceutical products based on the symbiosis between nature and technology, elaborated through a highly advanced Galenic development and with the distinctive seal of excellence..

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