The key to success in tackling some of the most prevalent common diseases in the world is in the use of products based on Nature’s wisdom which, thanks to innovative technologies that up until now were inexistent or deficient, can be produced in a standardised way. This ensures the same quality in the processes of research, development and marketing for any health product.

Nature holds the answer to many of the health problems that appear or still persist, tackling some of the most frequent and incapacitating illnesses in the world today. With the technological advances of the last years, it is now possible to identify, with a guarantee of success, the natural products (or extracts from them) to alleviate these health problems; developing and producing them in compliance with all the quality standards recommended by international health authorities.

Drugs produce side effects and high costs. These are just two factors that demonstrate pharmaceutical drug-based healthcare is not sustainable.

Hartington Technology

The company has specialised in the search for natural products that respond to citizens’/patients’ unanswered demands, thereby providing innovative treatments to prevent and cure disorders that have significant personal and social repercussions. In this way, people around the world can take responsibility for and manage their own health, using safe and effective natural products as they see fit. To this aim, the company boasts a worldwide network of collaborating experts together with the latest modern technologies for discovering new products and subsequently producing them.

Collaboration agreements with biotech and clinical research companies, as well as other Pharmaceutical companies of international renown, for the discovery, development and distribution of new treatments, strengthen Hartington’s privileged position, placing it at the Vanguard of the fight against disease.

Following this philosophy, motivated by a firm social commitment and an indispensable scientific rigour, Hartington strives to promote natural health worldwide.

Hartington is making a great effort to develop treatments that restore, manage and optimise human health in an economically and socially viable way. In harmony with both the human body and the non-human environment, our treatments should not cause any disproportionate effects, which may hinder the functioning, development or viability of the healthcare system itself. This process optimizes healthcare and reduces costs, as well as improving quality of life for individuals by preventing or minimizing the effects of a disease through integrative and sustainable healthcare.

“Hartington believes firmly that NATURE, TECHNOLOGY and HEALTH are interdependent and that their strong relationship is fundamental in successfully managing some of the pathologies in which patient self-care efforts are significant.”